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Services Offered

Crooked River Design provides a complete host of web design and development solutions. We strive to find that perfect fit of technology and client need, stressing the use of appropriate technology for each project rather than a blanket, one-size-fits-most approach.

Front-End Services

Thoroughly versed in visual design, search engine optimization and user experience, Crooked River Design assists clients with:

  • Custom designed and coded websites in HTML, XHTML, ASP and PHP
WordPress and Squarespace site design and custom themes
  • Search engine optimization (included as part of any web design/redesign project)
  • Site information architecture and navigation
  • User experience
  • E-commerce implementation and site development
  • Mass email design and templating

Back-End Services

Fluent in both PHP driven by MySQL on Apache (cPanel) and ASP driven by SQL Server on Windows, Crooked River Design provides outstanding development and ongoing support of relational databases and the servers they run on. Services include:

  • Custom designed relational databases for both Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
  • Ongoing database support and maintenance
  • Installation and configuration of common database and web applications such as WordPress, OpenCart, OSCommerce and aMemberPro
  • DNS management
  • cPanel and IIS management
  • Custom scripting, administration and support services
  • Server scripting, scheduled or cron jobs

Typical Clients

Crooked River Design has extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry, working with quasi-governmental agencies, the non-profit arts sector, academic organizations, member organizations, small and regional banks and small business.

Why CRD?

Why Crooked River Design? Because we take the time to understand your business and your web development needs so we can tailor a solution that’s right for you. As we proceed through the web design and development process, we’re building a relationship. We’ve got your back. We’re not just concerned with your website today, but that you have something of lasting quality that will serve you tomorrow. Our experience and depth of knowledge make this all possible.

Many of our clients have been with us for years because of the excellent ongoing support we offer after your site rolls out. What good is a new website or component if your developer is not there to make changes, updates or keep things current? We take pride in always being there for support or just a little honest advice.

Crooked River Design offers custom web solutions and support for you.

“We’ve got your back.”

Chris Borgmeyer, principal/founder

Our Clients
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Technologies We’ve Used
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